Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for taking the time to consider me for your wedding Celebrant and Officiant. In Ireland we say, "Great choices and the stages of life require the shelter of blessings." Your steadfastness in making preparations for your wedding will assure you the loving consistency of finding home in one another.


My name is Fr. Sean Poland and I was ordained a priest in 1994 which gives me more than twenty-seven years of experience of enabling couples to discern, prepare, and celebrate their wedding vows. Couples offer us blessed insights into the intense dynamics that make up the marrying process. Consequently, my Faith and Ministry have matured into an acceptance and welcoming of all Faiths and Belief systems. The bulk of my duties in weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, and other life stages including ministry with veterans, hospice, and funerals.


Progressive, open, inclusive, and receptive to those particulars that will make your wedding day a special day for you, your family, and friends, is my mission. You are most welcome to contact me at 843-368-2797 and frseanministries@gmail.com. You will also find me a  www.icccusa.com .


Special Note to Catholic Couples: because of my history in the Catholic Church, I have a special understanding of the needs of those who are unable to solemnize their vows formally in the Roman Catholic Church at this time. Whether it is because of a previous marriage and/or religious issues, be assured that you will be received with respect and understanding by me and every clergyman within CITI MINISTRIES. Whether it is because you wish to marry on the beach by the earth's baptismal waters or in the cathedrals of the the Rocky Mountains, you will find me receptive to how God is moving within your lives. Feel free to speak with me regarding these issues and be assured that your wish to celebrate will mirror the traditions, customs, and/or innovations of a modern marriage.  


Please Note: I no longer serve in a Roman Catholic Diocese as I have opted to Join ICCC and Citi Ministries in order to be available to more people. I am still Validly Ordained but your marriage will be Valid but illicit  thus requiring Convalidation. The reason it is illicit is that most of us are married priests and priests who serve in non traditional ways outside the legalism of the Dioceses. That means you will have to petition your local parish priest to have your marriage convalidated by the local Bishop. It is a means of “membership” in a Roman Catholic Church more than the reality of Christian Marriage and it is by no means universal but widely accepted by bishops in the U.S.  You are married as a Christian who happens to be Roman Catholic but the Church now demands that your marriage be “Convalidated,” and that you attend a certain parish, tithe, and take classes for Marriage and take classes if you want your Children Baptized a Catholic. If the conventional Catholic parish life is your preference then you will have to either follow the rules of convalidation of that particular diocese, or deny yourself the destination wedding or have two weddings making sure the your local Catholic Church receives compensation and recognition of your membership. Many Couples have two weddings: a small Church wedding and then their Celebrative wedding on the beach, mountain side etc. I am willing to help you navigate through the often misleading and double-standard Catholic Church Laws of Wedding formalities and marriage sites. Obviously, my interest and concern is that your marriage is respected and that the Church welcome all its people “home.”
As an ordained Catholic Priest and member in good standing in the Society of Christ's Priesthood, a religious society, and the International Council of Community Churches. I have legal authority to perform national and international religious ministries including marriage ministry in accordance with the the purpose of CITI MINISTRIES, Inc., a 501.c3 nonprofit religious organization chartered in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA and the International Council of Community Churches, a member of the World Council of Churches.
United States Department of Defense recognizes us and International Council of Community Churches
as an official Ecclesiastical Endorsing Organization ( DD FORM 2731).


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/frseanministries




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